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Foundation Course -Introduction to Management

1 Introduction to Basic Management Concepts
1. Define- Management. State the Nature and Objectives of Management.
2. Discuss Administration V/s Management
3. What are the different Levels of Management? Also state the Principles of Management.

2 Planning
1. Define Planning. Discuss the Importance & Process of Planning.
2. State the Limitations of Planning.
3. What are the Features of Sound Planning?
4. Discuss the Features and process of decision making

3 Organising
1. What is Organising? State the nature and significance of organising.
2. Discuss the Process and Principles of organisation.
3. State the features, advantages and disadvantages of Formal and Informal organisation.
4. Discuss the factors, merits and demerits of Centralisation and decentralisation.
5. Write a short note on -Departmentation and Delegation

4 Staffing
1. What is Staffing? Discuss the Importance of Staffing.
2. What is Recruitment? Discuss the various sources of Recruitment.
3. Discuss in detail the Selection procedure.
4. Distinction between Recruitment and Selection
5. What are the different types of Employment tests and types of Interview?

5 Directing and Controlling
1. What is directing? State the Importance and Principles of directing.
2. What are the Leadership trails and Styles?
3. State the Importance and Factors of Motivation.
4. What is Co-ordination? State the features and Importance of Co-ordination.
5. What is controlling? Discuss the steps in controlling.
6. What are the Essentials of a good control system?