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( Banking & Insurance) – Semester V

Strategic Management

Question Bank

Module 1 - Strategic Management an Overview
1. Define Strategic Management .What are the Levels of Strategic Management?
2. Discuss in detail the Process of Strategic Management,
3. Discuss in detail the Models of Strategic Management.
4. Write a Short Note on –
a) Strategic Decision Making,
b) Elements of Strategic Management,
c) Principles of Good Strategy.
Module 2- Strategic Management Environment
5. Discuss the Importance of Politics in Strategic Management.
6. Discuss the Role of Competition.
7. Discuss in detail National and Global Business Environment.
8. What are the different Components of Environment?
9. Write a Short Note on –
a) Environmental Scanning,
b) Analysis of Strategies and Choice of Strategy,
c) Ethics,
d) Social Responsibility,
e) SWOT Analysis.
f) Social, Political, and Technological forces in Strategic Management
10. Elaborate the Impact of Legal Factors in Strategic Management.
Module 3 - Levels of Strategies and Analysis
11. Elaborate the different Corporate Level Strategies. (i.e. Concentration, Integration and Diversification, Internationalization, Digitization.)
12. Write a Short Note on –
a) Factors of Strategic Choice
b) Strategic Analysis
13. Discuss the Process of Strategic Choice.
Module 4 - Activating Strategy and Implementation
14. Discuss in detail the Process and Nature of Strategy implementation,
15. What are the Barriers in Strategy implementation?
16. Discuss in detail Model of Strategy Implementation. ( i.e. Structural, Behavioral and Functional.)
Module 5- Strategic Evaluation and Control
17. Write a Short Note on –
a) Standards,
b) Benchmarking,
c) Gap Analysis.
d) Strategic Control
e) Role of Information System.
f) different types of Barriers in Evaluation
18. Discuss the Features and Importance of Evaluation.
19. What are the different Approaches of Strategic Control ?
20. What are the different Techniques of Evaluation and Control.

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Question Paper Pattern

Q.1 Multiple Choice Question  
Q.1 A) State True or False
(Any Eight out of Ten)
8 Marks
Q.1 B) Match the following
(Any Seven out of Ten)
7 Marks
Q.2 Q. 2 A) (8 Marks)
Q. 2 B) (7 Marks)
Q. 2 C) (8 Marks)
Q. 2 D) (7 Marks)
15 Marks
Q.3 Q. 3 A) (8 Marks)
Q. 3 B) (7 Marks)
Q. 3 C) (8 Marks)
Q. 3 D) (7 Marks)
15 Marks
Q.4 Q. 4 A) (8 Marks)
Q. 4 B) (7 Marks)
Q. 4 C) (8 Marks)
Q. 4 D) (7 Marks)
15 Marks
Q.5 Q. 5 A) (8 Marks)
Q. 5 B) (7 Marks)
Q. 5 Short Notes ( Any 3 out of 5)
Each short note for 5 Marks
15 Marks