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1 Introduction of organizational Behavior
1. What is organizational Behavior? Explain the Nature and scope of Organizational Behavior.
2. Discuss the various Models of Organizational Behavior.
3. Discuss in detail Maslow Theory of Motivation.
4. Write a short note on – (a) Herzberg, (b)Mc.Gregor (c) Theory X and Theory Y, (d) William Ouchi's Theory Z, (e)Victor Vroom (f) ERG theory
5. Elaborate the Application of the Theories.
6. List down the Motivational techniques in Banking and Insurance Industry.

2 Group Dynamics
1. Discuss in detail the Individual Behavior with reference of IQ, EQ, and SQ.
2. Explain Group Formation, Team Building, Team Development, Goal Setting, Soft Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Multicultural Skills, Cross Cultural Skills.
3. Discuss in detail Johari Window.

3 Organizational Culture and Change Management
1. What is meaning of Work Culture? What are the different Ways for Making Work Culture Effective and Lively,
2. Write a short note on -Work Conflicts.
3. What is Organizational Change? Discuss the effects of Resistance to Change & ways to overcome resistance to change.
4. Write a short note on - Time and Stress Management.

4 Organizational Development
1. What is Organizational Development? Discuss in detail Meaning and Nature of OD.
2. Discuss the various types of Techniques of Organizational Development.
3. State the Importance of Organizational Development.