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Organizational Behaviour - Question Bank

Long Answers- 15 Marks
  1. Define Organisational Behaviour. Explain various challenges faced by the managers and exhibit how the study of OB has helped them to cope up to solve them.
  2. Describe OB with the different approaches in OB.
  3. What is an organizational design? Which are the most common organizational designs? Explain.
  4. In current scenario organisations are hiring project leaders and consultants for its operations. Explain Matrix organisational structure with its strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Define Organizational Culture. How can one create and maintain and change a culture of an organisation?
  6. Define the concept of motivation. Explain any two theories of work motivation.
  7. What is motivation? Discuss McClelland's Need/Drive theory.
  8. Fredrick Herzberg's Two-Factor theory of Hygiene and motivation has opened up new vistas of human behaviour. Discuss.
  9. Describe the techniques of group decision making.
  10. Define the term 'stress'. What are the causes/sources of stress and the strategies to overcome organisational stress?

Short Answers – 7 to 8 Marks
  1. Organisational behaviour is build up on certain basic concepts. Explain in context of nature of people and organisations.
  2. Discuss the different models of OB to manage the behaviour of people in the organisation.
  3. Define organizational structure. What are the key elements of organizational structure?
  4. Explain the Team structure and Virtual organisations under new organizational designs.
  5. Define organizational culture. What are the characteristics of organizational culture?
  6. Explain the organisational culture as a function and a liability.
  7. Explain J. Stacy's Equity theory of motivation.
  8. Explain Goal setting theory of motivation.
  9. Explain teamwork. How can one create effective teams?
  10. What are the advantages of group decision making over individual decisions making?
  11. Define leadership. Explain the managerial grid of leadership proposed by Blake and Mouton.
  12. What are the qualities and functions of an effective leader?

Short Notes - 5 Marks
  1. The goals OR The objectives of organizational behaviour.
  2. Workforce Diversity and Boundary less organisation.
  3. Traditional v/s Modern organisations.
  4. Types of Organizational Culture.
  5. Transmission of Organisational culture.
  6. 3 stage Socialisation process.
  7. Maslow's Need Hierarchy theory.
  8. The stages of group development.
  9. Group norms and Group cohesiveness.
  10. Transformational leadership & Transactional leadership.
  11. Charismatic leadership.
  12. The effects of stress.

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