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FYB Com Semester II

Environmental Studies

Question Bank

1. Discuss the harmful effects of solid waste on the environment and health of all living organisms.
2. Explain the term waste management. What are the different methods of waste management?
3. Explain the various effects of improper waste management.
4. Write a detailed note on various schemes and initiatives run by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.
5. What are the causes of decline in agricultural productivity?
6. What is Desertification? What are the causes and effects of Desertification?
7. What is Nutrition? Explain the global pattern of nutrition in developed and developing countries.
8. What do you mean by food security? Which measures should be taken for food security?
9. Elaborate various environmental problems associated with modern Agriculture
10. Write the causes and effects of malnutrition
11. What is Acid Rain? What are its causes and impacts?
12. What are the causes and effects of depletion of ozone layer?
13. Define the term Green Consumerism. Explain its importance
14. Discuss in detail new types / Classification of Tourism.
15. What are the different challenges India is facing for the development of Tourism?
16. Explain the positive and negative economic impact of tourism.
17. Briefly explain the scope, objectives and methodologies of Environment Impact Assessment.
18. What is Carbon credit? How does it work? What is the scope for Indian Companies in carbon trading?
19. What is Global Positioning System? How does it work? What are its different functions?
20. What is Geo Spatial Technology? Explain the application of Geo Spatial Technology in environmental management.

Write a Short note on –
a) Sources of Solid Waste
b) Forms of waste
c) Solid Waste Management in Mumbai
d) Factors responsible for hunger
e) Sustainable Agriculture
f) Importance of Tourism
g) Importance of Eco – tourism
h) Chipko Movement
i) Narmada Bachao Andolan
j) Green Business.
k) Environmental Protection Act
l) Global Warming
m) Corporate Social Responsibility.
n) ISO 14000
o) Socio – Cultural Impact of Tourism
p) Need for Environment Management

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Question Paper Pattern

Maximum Marks: 100
Questions to be set: 06
Duration: 03 Hrs.
All Questions are Compulsory Carrying 15 Marks each.