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Score 60 + in Principles of Marketing

Dear Students,

Scoring the 60+ marks in Principles of Marketing is very easy. For this you have to understand the following points-
1. First understand the Question Paper Pattern and study accordingly.
2. Write answer point wise.
3. For 7-8 Marks question, your answers should contain minimum 7- 8 points.
4. Underline the bullet points.
5. For 7-8 Marks question at least you should 2 pages (i.e. 2 single sides of page)
All the best for Semester 2 Examination!!!!!!
Question Paper Pattern for April 2019 Examination

Question Paper Pattern for April 2019 Examination

Total Marks- 75
Time – 2.30 Hrs.
Number of Question to be asked – 5 ( All compulsory subjected to internal choice)

Q. 1 Objectives (15 Marks)
Q. 1 (A) Attempt any 8 out of 10
Q. 1 (B) Attempt any 7 out of 10
(8 Marks)
(7 Marks)
1. Objective questions includes Multiple Choice / True of False / Match the Columns/ Fill in the Blanks
2. From each module two -three questions will be asked for Q. 1 (A) & Q. 1 (B)
Q. 2 (15 Marks)
Q . 2 (A) Unit – I
Q . 2 (B) Unit – I
(8 Marks)
(7 Marks)
Q . 2 (C) Unit – I
Q . 2 (D) Unit – I
(8 Marks)
(7 Marks)
Q. 3 (15 Marks)
Q . 3 (A) Unit – II
Q . 3 (B) Unit – II
(8 Marks)
(7 Marks)
Q . 3 (C) Unit – II
Q . 3 (D) Unit – II
(8 Marks)
(7 Marks)
Q. 4 (15 Marks)
Q . 4 (A) Unit – III
Q . 4 (B) Unit – III
(8 Marks)
(7 Marks)
Q . 4 (C) Unit – III
Q . 4 (D) Unit – III
(8 Marks)
(7 Marks)
Q. 5 (15 Marks)
Q . 5 (A) Unit – IV
Q . 5 (B) Unit – IV
(8 Marks)
(7 Marks)
Q . 5 Short Notes (Any 3 out of 5 ) ( 15 Marks)
Question Bank for April 2019 Examination

Unit 1 - Introduction to Marketing
1. Define Marketing. State the features, advantages and scope of marketing.
2. Discuss in detail the 4P’s and 4C’s of marketing.
3. Distinguish between marketing v/s Selling.
4. Discuss in detail - Marketing as an activity and function.
5. Explain the following Concepts of Marketing:
-Needs, wants and demands, transactions, transfer and exchanges, Production concept; Product concept; selling concept and marketing concept, social relationship, Holistic marketing.

Unit - 2 Marketing Environments, Research and Consumer Behaviour
1. Discuss in detail the Management structure &Marketing Channels of the markets in which a firm operates.
2. Discuss the various competitors and stakeholders of the firm.
3. Elaborate the concept of PEST Analysis. Or Discuss in detail Political Factors; Economic Factors; Socio Cultural Factors, Technological Factors affecting the business.
4. What is marketing research? State the features and importance of marketing research.
5. Discuss in detail the various types of marketing research
6. What is MIS? Elaborate the features and importance of MIS.
7. What is Consumer Behaviour? Explain the feature, importance and factors affecting Consumer Behaviour Unit 3 -Marketing Mix
1. What is marketing mix? State the different elements of Marketing Mix.
2. Explain the product line lifecycle.
3. Elaborate the different stages in new product development.
4. State the reasons behind the failure of new product-levels of product.
5. What is Branding? Packing and packaging? List down the role and importance of each.
6. What is mean by term “Pricing”? State the objectives and factors influencing pricing policy and Pricing strategy.
7. What is Physical distribution? Elaborate the factor affecting channel selection and types of marketing channels.
8. Explain the term Promotion. State the significance of promotion. Also explain various Promotion tools.
Unit 4- Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning and Trends in Marketing
1. What is Segmentation? Write the importance and basis of Segmentation.
2. What is Targeting? State the different types of Targeting.
3. What is positioning? State the different strategies of Positing.
4. Discuss in detail all the new trends in marketing like E-marketing, Internet marketing and marketing using Social network.
5. Write a short note on - Social marketing/ Relationship marketing

My Dear Students,
The questions given in the QUESTION BANK are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely only on these questions. Students should also refer other questions to get the maximum marks.

Best of Luck for your Exams.