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Question Bank

15 marks

1. Discuss the history & development of All India Radio

2. Write a detail note on ‘Satellite Radio’. Give suitable examples.

3. Describe the evolution of Television in India.

4. What are different types of sound that are used in production?

5. What are sound effects? Give examples.

6. Discuss different types of recording in detail.

7. Discuss the various types of lighting in production. Explain its importance

8. Explain the studio operations in television production.

9. Discuss how radio documentaries have proved to be an important tool of communication.

10. Explain with examples, how the spoken word idiom is different from printed medium language.

11. Write the relevance of educational television in India.

12. Discuss Prasar Bharti in detail

13. Discuss the role of Satellite TV today.

14. How animation on television is a powerful communication medium today

15. Difference between AIR and commercial radio channels

16. “Reality show is a popular format of television today” Discuss with examples.

17. Challenges of recording in outdoor shooting

15 Marks Questions

1. What are the different types of microphones? Explain with examples

2. Discuss in detail different types of camera shots and camera positions with examples.

3. How can a talk show host make the programme more interesting?

4. Define ‘documentary’. Explain its types by giving one example each

5. Pick up a story from a leading daily of your city/region and rewrite it as a Radio news .

6. Write in detail the production process in television

7. Draw a story board of a fictional scene of 2minutes duration ?

8. Discuss the relevance of community Radio today. How it can be used in India in reaching rural masses.

Short Notes

1. GyanVani.

2. News Section in Radio

3. ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme.

4. Online editing.

5. Studio setup.

6. Sports broadcasting.

7. Television news.

8. Pre-production.

9. Music shows on Radio

10. Direct to Home challenge

My Dear Students,
The questions given in the QUESTION BANK are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely only on these questions. Students should also refer other questions to get the maximum marks.

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