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Case Study - 1

I. ABC Pvt ltd. is a well-known rice brand in North India. The company owning this brand now wants to enter the Ready-to eat food market. The company wishes to market both vegetarian (Vegetable, Soups, Snacks etc.) and non-vegetarian (Chicken Curry, Chicken Biryani etc.) food products on a national scale.

Advise a promotional plan to the company covering the following aspects;

a. Creative Messages for the Advertisement.

b. Media options.

c. IMC tools

Give justifications for your recommendations.

Case Study - 2

II. aLL: The Plus Size Store has launched its campaign, ‘What’s your Plus Point’, focusing on the various ‘plus points’ on being a plus-sized person and aims to shed the negativity associated with it. As part of the campaign, aLL has launched its first-ever TVC. The TVC draws from the insight of the various ‘plus points’ of being a plus-sized person. The TVC celebrates plus size and all the best points attached to it. In the ad, various plus-sized people come forward to confidently celebrate the ‘plus-points’ of their lives. aLL has been a pioneer in the plus size fashion industry. Despite huge demand, the category has never created real and relevant conversations with and about the consumers. It decided to celebrate their consumer’s confidence and style. Merely getting audience to notice them wasn’t enough. The challenge was to first change people’s perception and attitude towards plus size and then partner their consumer’s need to look stylish and fashionable.

a. What was the major consumer INSIGHT for the creative Idea.

b. Suggest a social media interactive campaign for the brand in the current situation.

Long Answers (15 Marks)

1. Explain the steps in creating an advertising strategy.

2. Explain features and characteristics of Advertising.

3. Explain the structure of an Ad agency.

Short Answers (7 to 8 Marks)

1. What is advertising? Discuss the Growth and Development of Advertising in India.

2. Discuss the various ethical issues in advertising.

3. Explain briefly the characteristics of advertising.

4. Enumerate the Criticism of advertising.

5. Explain types of advertising research.

6. Explain the Pretesting methods.

7. Briefly explain the various functions of an ad agency.

8. Explain the functions of at least two departments of an ad agency.

9. Explain the Role and functions of Advertising.

10. Describe the various ethical issues in advertising.

11. What is an Advertising Agency? How does an Advertising agency operate?

12. Brief history of advertising

13. Role of advertising in communications mix

14. Explain in detail Communication process.

15. Explain the effects of Advertising on the society and economy.

16. Describe the various limitations of advertising.

17. Explain its role of an Advertising Agency

18. Explain various tools of IMC.

19. Explain the importance of client brief

20. Discuss the need and importance of research in advertising.

21. Explain various ways to decide Advertising budget

22. Explain five M’s of advertising

23. Explain the objectives of advertising

24. Explain any 2 response hierarchy models of advertising.

25. Write a note on Marketing brief

26. Define copy brief and pre-requisites for copy brief

27. Define IMC and features of IMC

28. Explain the function and Importance of IMC

29. What are the unethical forms of advertising? Elaborate any 2 with the help of examples.

30. Explain the importance of USP in advertising

31. Explain various aspects of creative strategy

32. Explain the various methods of defining advertising budget

33. What are the various methods of post testing of the ad?

Short Notes (5 marks)

1. Post Testing Techniques

2. Advertising on Social media.

3. Flow of Communication in an Ad agency

4. Phases of Advertising Evaluation.


6. Types of Ad copy

7. IMC

8. Flow of Communication in an Ad agency

9. Phases of Advertising Evaluation

10. Advertising ethics

11. Elements of copywriting

12 Post testing of Advertising

13. Criticism of Advertising

14. ATL Advertising

15. BTL Advertising

16. Services offered by advertising agency

17. Pre-campaign research

18. Post campaign research

19. Copy brief

20. Media brief

21. Client- agency relationship

22. Product research

23. Concept research

23. Creative brief

23. Client brief

23. Consumer Insight

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