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( Banking & Insurance) – Semester V

Research Methodology

Question Bank

Module 1 - Introduction to Research
1. What is Research? What are the Objectives and Importance of Research?
2. What are the different Types of Research? Discuss in detail the Research Process.
3. What is mean by term Hypothesis? Discuss the Nature and Significance of Hypothesis.
4. What are the Types and Sources of Hypothesis?
5. What is Research Design? Discuss the Need and Importance of Research Design.
6. Define Research Design. What are the Steps in Good Research Design?
7. Discuss the in detail the Scope and Essentials of a Good Research Design.
8. What is Sample and Sampling? What are the different Methods of Sampling
9. Write a Short note on –
a) Characteristics of Good Research
b) Non-Probability Sampling
c) Probability Sampling
Module 2- Data Collection and Processing
10. What are the Types of Data? Discuss the various sources of data.
11. Discuss in detail the different Methods of Collection of Primary data.
12. Write a Short note on –
a) Observation
b) Experimental
c) Interview
d) Survey
e) Survey instrument
f) different Scaling Techniques
Module 3- Data Analysis and Interpretation
13. What is Processing of Data? What are the Essentials of i) Editing ii) Coding iii) Tabulation?
14. What is Analysis of Data? State the Purpose and Types of Analysis of Data.
15. What are the Essentials of Interpretation of Data? Also State the Importance of Interpretation of Data.
16. Write a Short note on –
a) Significance of Interpretation of Data
b) Descriptive Analysis
c) Testing of hypothesis
Module 4- Advanced Statistical Techniques
17. Write a Short note on –
a) Correlation and Regression Analysis
b) Factor Analysis
c) Cluster Analysis
d) Discriminant Analysis
e) Multidimensional Scaling
Module 5- Research Report
18. What is Report writing? State the Importance of a Good Report.
19. Discuss the Structure and Types of a Good Report.
20. Discuss the Process and Essentials of a Good Report.

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Question Paper Pattern

Q.1 Multiple Choice Question  
Q.1 A) State True or False
(Any Eight out of Ten)
8 Marks
Q.1 B) Match the following
(Any Seven out of Ten)
7 Marks
Q.2 Q. 2 A) (8 Marks)
Q. 2 B) (7 Marks)
Q. 2 C) (8 Marks)
Q. 2 D) (7 Marks)
15 Marks
Q.3 Q. 3 A) (8 Marks)
Q. 3 B) (7 Marks)
Q. 3 C) (8 Marks)
Q. 3 D) (7 Marks)
15 Marks
Q.4 Q. 4 A) (8 Marks)
Q. 4 B) (7 Marks)
Q. 4 C) (8 Marks)
Q. 4 D) (7 Marks)
15 Marks
Q.5 Q. 5 A) (8 Marks)
Q. 5 B) (7 Marks)
Q. 5 Short Notes ( Any 3 out of 5)
Each short note for 5 Marks
15 Marks