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SYB Com Semester IV

Commerce IV

Question Bank

1. What is Production Management? Discuss its scope / function.
2. What are the objectives of Production Management?
3. What are the steps in Production Planning & Control?
4. What is Production System? What are the different types of production systems?
5. What is productivity? What are the factors influencing / affecting industrial productivity?
6. What do you mean by Inventory Control? What are the objectives/ importance of Inventory Control?
7. What is Inventory Management? What are the objectives / importance of Inventory Management?
8. What is Quality? Explain its Dimensions.
9. What are the different types of costs of quality?
10. State the importance of Total Quality Management.
11. What is Quality Circle? What are the features of Quality Circle?
12. Explain the Steps in Six Sigma Approach.
13. Explain the Kaizen Process.
14. What do you mean by Service Quality Management? Explain the importance of service quality management.
15. Discuss in detail SERVQUAL Model.
16. Discuss the Initial Public Offer (IPO) Procedure.
17. Explain the procedures of Dematerialization.
18. Explain types of Speculators in stock markets.
19. Explain the Merits of Credit Ratings.
20. Discuss the importance of mutual funds.
21. Explain the factors responsible for growth of Mutual Funds in India.
22. Explain the different Participants in the Derivative market.
23. Explain the different types of Derivatives instruments.
24. What is Micro finance? Explain the role and importance of Micro Finance.

25. Write a short note on
b) ISO 9001
c) Role / Services of NSDL
d) Role / Services of CDSL
e) Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
g) CARE Credit Rating Agency
h) Categories of Commodity Market
i) Role / Functions of Self Help Groups (SHGS)
j) Structure of Indian Financial Market
k) Different techniques of inventory control

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