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SYB Com Semester IV

Business Economics IV

Question Bank

1. Discuss the Violations of Consumer Rights.
2. Explain the important features / provisions of Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
3. Explain any four laws passed before 1986 having provisions regarding consumer protection.
4. Discuss the Genesis (origin) of Right to information Act
5. Discuss the important provisions of RTI Act 2005.
6. What is Public interest litigation? Explain its need.
7. Describe the procedure to file Public interest litigation.
8. Explain Anthropocentrism approach to understand ecology.
9. What is deep ecology? Explain the principles of Deep ecology.
10. Discuss the concept of Sustainability Principle of Environment.
11. Explain the Polluter Pays Principles.
12. Describe the Precautionary Principle of Environment.
13. Discuss the Equity Principle of Environment.
14. Discuss the Participation Principle of Environment.
15. Explain the uses or applications of Laser Technology.
16. What is Satellite Technology? Explain the Uses of Satellite Technology.
17. What are the different uses of Global Positioning System (GPS)?
18. Explain the applications of Biotechnology with respect to Medicine & Agriculture.
19. What is Nanotechnology? Explain the applications of “Nanotechnology”.
20. What is meant by Soft skills? State some important soft skills required for competitive exams.
21. Discuss the effects of poor or lack of Access to technology.

22. Write a Short Note on-
a) GMAT and CAT
b) Consumer Courts under Consumer Protection Act
c) Consumer Movements in India
d) Citizens Charter
e) Types of Motivation
f) McGregor Theory X and Theory Y
g) Misuse of technology
h) Maslow’s theory of Motivation
i) Applications of Information and Communication Technology
j) Bio-centrism and Eco-centrism
k) Public Services Guarantee Acts
l) Success stories under the RTI Act

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The above Question Bank is provided by
Prof. Savita Bodke.
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