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Question Bank

Case Study(15Marks)

Any con temporary event in India within the last 2 months and students will be asked to discuss the same with reference to any fundamental right, fundamental duties to directive principles.

1. Current Topics for Political Concepts paper Semester II

2. Sabarimala

3. Farmers Protest

4. General Election 2019

5. 10% reservation for economically backward

6. Controversy about the film 'accidental Prime Minister'

Long Answers (15Marks)

1. Discuss the features of Democracy with examples. Do you think India is really a democratic country?

2. What purpose does the Preamble of the Constitution serve? Discuss the values mentioned in the Preamble in detail.

3. Discuss Right to Equality (Art. 14 to 18) and Right to Freedom (Art. 19 to 22) as given in the Indian Constitution.

4. Discuss the role played by Religion and Caste in Indian politics.

5. Discuss any two regional political parties in Maharashtra with respect to their history and ideology.

Short Answers (7 to 8 Marks)

1. Elaborate the role of media in Indian Democracy. Illustrate it with proper examples.

2. What are the conditions necessary for the successful practice o f Democracy?

3. What is the Directive Principles of State policy? To what extent have they been implemented in India?

4. What are the Fundamental Duties? Examine their relevance in con temporary India?

5. Examine the unitary feature of the Indian constitution.

6. Trace the evolution of the Indian party system from OPDS to MPS.

7. Critically examine the influence of Religion on con temporary Indian Politics.

8. Illustrate the Political Campaign and Advertising in New Media with reference to recent BMC election.

Short Notes (5 Marks)

1. Quasi federalism in India.

2. Define the concept of secular, socialist, sovereign, democratic, republic state.

3. Three tier system of Panchayat Raj System.

4 Differentiate between Opinion polls and Exit polls

5. Freedom of the Press with reference to the Constitution

My Dear Students,
The questions given in the QUESTION BANK are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely only on these questions. Students should also refer other questions to get the maximum marks.

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