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This Foundation Course II Question Bank is applicable for FYBMS, BAF, BFM, BBI, BIM, BTM

Unit- 1

1. Globalisation and Indian Society
2. Explain in detail concepts of liberalization, privatization and globalization.
3. Discuss the Growth of information technology and communication and its impact manifested in everyday life.
4. State the Impact of globalization on industry.
5. What are the changes in employment pattern and its impact on increasing migration?
6. Explain the Changes in agrarian sector due to globalization.
7. State the reasons behind the rise in corporate farming.
8. Discuss in detail the reasons behind the increase in farmers’ suicides.

Unit- 2
1. What are Human Rights? Discuss the origin and evolution of Human Rights.
2. Explain in detail -The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
3. Discuss the Human Rights constituents with special reference to Fundamental Rights stated in the Constitution.

Unit -3
1. State the Importance of Environment Studies in the current developmental context.
2. Explain the concepts of Environment, Ecology and their interconnectedness.
3. Discuss the Environment as natural capital and connection to quality of human life.
4. What is Environmental Degradation? State the causes and impact of Environmental Degradation on human life.
5. What is Sustainable development? Discuss the various components of Sustainable development.
6. Write a short note on -poverty and environment.

Unit -4
1. Write a short note on Stress and Conflict
2. What are the Causes of stress and conflict in individuals and society?
3. Discuss the Agents of socialization and the role played by them in developing the individual.
4. State the Significance of values, ethics and prejudices in developing the individual.
5. Explain in detail - Stereotyping and prejudice as significant factors in causing conflicts in society.
6. Explain “Aggression and violence as the public expression of conflict”.

Unit- 5
1. Write a short note on - Managing Stress and Conflict in Contemporary Society.
2. Discuss the various Types of conflicts and use of coping mechanisms for managing individual stress.
3. Discuss the Maslow’s theory of self‐actualisation.
4. List down the Different methods of responding to conflicts in society.
5. Explain the Conflict‐resolution and efforts towards building peace and harmony in society.

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