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SYB Com Semester IV

Business Economics IV

Question Bank

1. What is Public Finance? Discuss the scope of public finance.
2. What are the different functions of Public finance?
3. Discuss in detail the principle of maximum social advantage.
4. Explain the role of Government in correcting market failure.
5. What is mean by market failures? What are the causes of Market failure?
6. What is mean by public revenue? What are the various sources of Public revenue to the government?
7. What are the different objectives of taxation?
8. What are the Indirect taxes? Explain the merits and demerits of indirect taxes.
9. Explain the impact, shifting and incidence of Taxation.
10. How do elasticity’s of demand and supply affect the incidence of taxation?
11. Discuss the economic effects of taxation on income, wealth and consumption.
12. Define Public Expenditure. How is public expenditure classified?
13. What are the causes of increase in public expenditure in India?
14. Explain the meaning and classification of Public Debt.
15. Discuss the burden of internal and external public debt.
16. What is Fiscal Policy? What are the main objectives of fiscal policy in India?
17. What is Sound Finance? Discuss the features of Sound finance.
18. What is Functional finance? Explain its features.
19. What are the main components / Structure of budget?

20. Write a Short Note on –
a) Features of FRBM Act, 2003
b) Public Debt Management
c) Economic Effects of Public Expenditure
d) Fiscal Federalism in India

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