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Question Paper Pattern

Q. 1(A) Fill in the blanks (5 Marks)
Q. 1 (B) Match the columns (5 Marks)
Q. 1 (C) Explain the following terms (5 Marks)
Q. 2 Sum of Final Account with adjustments (15 Marks)
Q. 2 Three theory questions each one carries 5 marks (15 Marks)
Q. 3 Sum Uniform System of Accounting (15 Marks)
Q. 3 Three theory questions each one carries 5 marks (15 Marks)
Q. 4 Sum of Standard Costing (15 Marks)
Q. 4 Three theory questions each one carries 5 marks (15 Marks)
Q. 5 Short Notes (15 Marks)

Standard Costing (15 Marks)

Final Accounts with adjustment


Question Bank
1. Distinguish between Allowance & Discount.
2. Explain the visitors paid out with the help of format and write down steps for preparing it. OR Write a short note on Visitors Paid Out.
3. Explain the share capital structure of the company.
4. Explain check out time basis & 24 hours basis charging of room rate.
5. Write a short note on Guest weekly bill.
6. State the advantages and disadvantages of Visitors Tabular Ledger. OR Write short notes on Visitor’s Tabular Ledger.
7. Distinguish between Statuary and Night Audit.
8. Explain the steps in Food & Beverage Control.
9. Write any 10 functions of night auditors.
10. What is allowance? Explain the posting and adjustment of allowance.
11. Explain Debentures and write the types of Debentures.
12. Explain the procedure of accepting & receiving payment through credit card.
13. What is front office folio & why it is referred do as guest weekly bill.
14. How is tabular ledger maintain and what purpose does it serves?
15. State the purpose of conducting internal audit.
16. How does statutory audit is different from internal audit?
17. Explain any 5 types of companies with example.
18. Distinguish between discount and allowance.
19. Explain the F& B operational control cycle.
20. What is meant by KOT? Explain with a diagram.
21. Explain the term Standard Costing? What are its merits and demerits?
22. Explain the term Preference Shares. What are the different types of preference shares.
23. Explain the term Night Audit.
24. What is allowance voucher? Explain with the help of diagram.
25. Distinguish between allowance and value paid out.
26. Explain night basis and check out time basis charging of room rates.
27. Explain the following modes of payment- a) Traveller’s Cheque b) Credit Card.
28. Explain the D card system of night auditor’s report.
29. Distinguish between standard cost and estimated cost.
30. What are the operating expenses explain any one with example.
31. Draw schedule of laundry.
32. Write down advantages and disadvantages of standard costing.
33. Write short notes on –
1. Guest weekly bills
2. Cost of Sales
3. Restaurant Bill