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Principles of marketing - Question bank

Long Answers (15 Marks)
  1. Define marketing. Explain its features?
  2. “The customer is not to be treated as one time-timer purchaser, but as a person who will patronise the brand for life time.” Examine the statement and explain the importance of CRM in today’s highly competitive marketing environment.
  3. What is marketing mix? Comment in brief upon its ingredients or inputs?
  4. Discuss the stages in the product life cycle. What is the significance of Product life cycle in the marketing-mix and in product planning and development?
  5. Critically evaluate the role of branding in the marketing of products. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of branding.
  6. “Packaging is a marketing necessity.” Explain the statement.
  7. Define a channel of distribution. Indicate the relative importance of different channels.
  8. What is retailing? Discuss the types of retail formats.
  9. Define integrated marketing communication? What are its objectives?
  10. “It is said that mother India lives in her villages” With reference to this statement explain meaning of Rural marketing and features of a rural market.

Short Answers (7 to 8 Marks) & Short Notes ( 5 Marks)
  1. Scope of marketing.
  2. Distinguish between selling and marketing.
  3. Traditional marketing and Morden marketing.
  4. 4 P’s of marketing.
  5. Explain the difference between product line and product range.
  6. Brand equity versus brand loyalty.
  7. Umbrella equity.
  8. DAGMAR and AIDA
  9. Essentials of good advertising.
  10. Types of sales promotions.
  11. Difference between publicity and public relations.
  12. Qualities of a good salesman.
  13. Niche marketing
  14. What is market Segmentation? What are its benefits?
  15. Pros and cons of internet marketing
  16. Types of internet marketing.
  17. Service marketing and its features.
  18. Marketing research and marketing information system.
  19. Discuss the different buying motives.
  20. Different types of customers.
  21. Skimming the pricing strategy versus penetrating marketing strategy.
  22. Factors effecting pricing.
  23. Relationship marketing.

Short Answers (7 to 8 Marks)

1. Elaborate the role of media in Indian Democracy. Illustrate it with proper examples.

2. What are the conditions necessary for the successful practice o f Democracy?

3. What is the Directive Principles of State policy? To what extent have they been implemented in India?

4. What are the Fundamental Duties? Examine their relevance in con temporary India?

5. Examine the unitary feature of the Indian constitution.

6. Trace the evolution of the Indian party system from OPDS to MPS.

7. Critically examine the influence of Religion on con temporary Indian Politics.

8. Illustrate the Political Campaign and Advertising in New Media with reference to recent BMC election.

Short Notes (5 Marks)

1. Quasi federalism in India.

2. Define the concept of secular, socialist, sovereign, democratic, republic state.

3. Three tier system of Panchayat Raj System.

4 Differentiate between Opinion polls and Exit polls

5. Freedom of the Press with reference to the Constitution

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