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Question Bank of Business Economics (SEM V)

    1. Explain the important policy changes in New Economic Policy 1991.
    2. Discuss the important government policies and programmers in the area of -
    a) Education.
    b) Health and family welfare.
    3. What do you mean by sustainable Development? Explain the recent sustainable development initiatives in India?
    4. Discuss the Government of India’s “Make in India” initiative.
    5. What do you mean by Foreign Direct Investment? Explain the various advantages / benefits of foreign direct investment.
    6. Discuss the India’s foreign direct investment policy.
    7. Bring out the main objectives and features of national agricultural policy, 2000.
    8. Discuss the government measures to stabilize agricultural prices.
    9. Explain the various institutional and non institutional sources of agricultural finance in India and bring out their relative important.
    10. What are the measures / steps taken by government to solve marketing problems?
    11. Write short note on: a) Marketing enabling environment.
    b) Recent development in agricultural marketing.
    12. Explain the Industrial growth since 1991.
    13. What are the salient features of competition Act 2002?
    14. What policy measures have been adopted by the government in the area of disinvestment?
    15. Critical evaluate the progress made in the disinvestment process in India.
    16. Discuss the role of Micro and small scale enterprises in India Economy.
    17. Discuss the recent policies and measures taken by the government for development of MSME sector.
    18. What are the effects of industries pollution? Discuss the measures to control industrial pollution in India.
    19. Discuss the important trends in the India healthcare industry since 1991.
    20. Discuss the important trends in India tourism industry.
    21. Explain briefly progress of commercial banks after liberalization (1991).
    22. Bring out the measures of operational technology introduced in banking system in recent years.
    23. Discuss the issues and challenges of banking sector in India.
    24. Explain the recent trends in insurance industry in India. Discuss the issues and challenges of insurance industry in India.
    25. Discuss the structure or components of India money market. Outlines the important defects of India money market.
    26. What measures have been introduced in recent years to reform the India money market?
    27. Explain the growth of India capital market. Discuss the various capital market reforms introduced in India.
    28. Discuss the government of India’s skill India and Invest India initiatives.

My Dear Students,
The questions given in the question bank are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely on these questions. Students should also refer the other questions to get the maximum marks.

Best of Luck for your Exams.