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Business Environment Question Bank

Unit - 1 Introduction to Business Environment
1. What is Business? Discuss the Nature & Scope of Business.
2. Define Business. State the different Types of Business Organizations.
3. What is Business Environment? State the Characteristics, Scope and Significance, Components of Business Environment.
4. What is Micro and Macro Environment?
5. Write - Micro V/s Macro Environment
6. Write a short note on – a. Analysis of Business Environment, b. SWOT Analysis.
7. Discuss in detail Internal Environment of Business.
8. Discuss in detail External Environment of Business.
9. Discuss in detail Macro Components of business
Unit - 2 Political and Legal environment
1. State the Role of government in Business.
2. Write a short note on – (a) Economic system and economic policies (b) Capitalism, Socialism and Mixed Economy
3. State the Impact of business on Private sector, Public sector and Joint sector
4. Discuss the Sun-rise sectors of India Economy.
5. What are the Challenges of Indian economies?
Unit - 3 Social and Cultural Environment, Technological environment and Competitive Environment
1. Discuss the nature of Social and Cultural Environment.
2. State the Impact of foreign culture on Business.
3. What is Traditional Values? State the impact of traditional values.
4. What is Social Audit? State the Importance of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility of Business.
5. Write the features of Technological environment. Discuss the impact of technology on Business.
6. What is Competitive Environment? Discuss the Competitive Strategies.
7. Discuss in detail -Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.
Unit - 4 International Environments
1. Write down the Objective and Evolution of GATT,
2. Write a short note on - Uruguay round,
3. Write - GATT v/s WTO,
4. State the Functions of WTO,
5. What are the Pros and Cons of WTO?
6. What is Globalization? Discuss the Nature and stages of Globalization.
7. State the features of Globalization
8. What are the different Foreign Market entry strategies?
9. Discuss in detail - LPG model.
10. Define –MNCs. State the merits & demerits of MNCs in India.
11. What is FDI? Sate the FDI functions.
12. Why there is Need for FDI in developing countries?
13. State the Factors influencing FDI.
14. Write a short note on - FDI operations in India,
15. Discuss in detail the Challenges faced by International Business and Investment Opportunities for Indian Industry.