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Question bank for Intro. To Journalism

Questions for 15 marks
  1. What is news? Explain news value with examples.
  2. Describe the history of Indian Journalism
  3. What is editorial? Explain different types of editorial.
  4. “Sub editor's role is limited to glorified clerk”... Comment and explain the editorial department with diagram and explanation.
  5. What is investigative journalism? Explain its importance with examples.
  6. What is the difference between News and feature article? Explain with examples
  7. Explain any 5 types of leads for a news story with examples.
  8. What is Inverted Pyramid style of writing?
  9. Explain the process of creating Electronic news.
  10. What are the different beats in journalism? Explain any 3 with examples
  11. What are the various principles of journalism?
  12. What is the basic difference between writing for print, TV and online news?
  13. Explain the different types of leads with suitable examples.
  14. Explain the basic components of a news story.
  15. What are the duties in the editorial department?
  16. Explain the code of ethics which has to be followed by Journalists.
  17. What is ABC? Explain in detail

Questions for 7/8 marks
  1. What is human interest story? What is its impact on readers?
  2. Explain the role of News Editor.
  3. What is lead? Name a few types of leads with example.
  4. Explain the role of various sources in the news organization.
  5. What is feature story? Explain different types of feature stories.
  6. What is the role and function of journalism?
  7. What is the importance of citizen journalism in India?
  8. Explain the importance of news agencies.
  9. Function of Audit Bureau of Circulation.
  10. Function of Press Council of India.
  11. What is Inverted Pyramid style of writing?
  12. What are the various sources for collection of news?
  13. Do you think social media is taking over traditional forms of Journalism? Comment
  14. What are the guidelines that a news reader must follow while presenting a news story?
  15. How do u decide the news worthiness of a story?
  16. Explain in brief how newspapers were used for Indian freedom struggle.
  17. What are the tools for reporters?
  18. Bring out the risks of Citizen Journalism
  19. What is online writing?
  20. Explain Journalists’ role in Society
  21. Write short notes on ‘follow-up and continuity’ and ‘The curtain-raiser’.
  22. Correspondent is also a Journalist. Justify
  23. What is the role of Print medium?
  24. How does Journalism work at the digital age?
  25. Explain Hooks and Angles.
  26. Bring out the importance of gate keeping.

Short Notes - 5 Marks
  1. The goals OR The objectives of organizational behaviour.
  2. Workforce Diversity and Boundary less organisation.
  3. Traditional v/s Modern organisations.
  4. Types of Organizational Culture.
  5. Transmission of Organisational culture.
  6. 3 stage Socialisation process.
  7. Maslow's Need Hierarchy theory.
  8. The stages of group development.
  9. Group norms and Group cohesiveness.
  10. Transformational leadership & Transactional leadership.
  11. Charismatic leadership.
  12. The effects of stress.

My Dear Students,
The questions given in the QUESTION BANK are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely only on these questions. Students should also refer other questions to get the maximum marks.

Best of Luck for your Exams.