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Question Bank of Commerce V – Marketing

    1. What do you mean by Marketing? Explain the features and important functions of marketing.
    2. Explain briefly the different concepts of marketing.
    3. Explain the steps in the process of marketing research.
    4. What are the components of MIS?
    5. Explain the factors influencing consumer behavior.
    6. What is Market Segmentation? Discuss the importance and the bases of Market Segmentation?
    7. What do you mean by Data Mining? Explain its importance.
    8. Define market targeting. Discuss the five patterns of target market selection.
    9. What are the various elements and importance of marketing mix?
    10. Explain the different areas of Product decision.
    11. Explain the different stages in product life cycle.
    12. What do you mean by branding? Explain the different components of brand.
    13. What is brand equity? Explain the different factors influencing brand equity.
    14. What are the essentials of goods packaging?
    15. Discuss the different product positioning strategies.
    16. Discuss the importance of Service of positioning. Explain the challenges involved in service positioning?
    17. What do you mean by pricing? Explain its objectives of pricing. Discuss the different factors influencing pricing.
    18. Discuss the factors influencing selection of distribution channel.
    19. Explain the different types of distribution channels for consumer goods.
    20. What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? Explain its components.
    21. What do you mean by promotion mix? Explain the importance and main elements of promotion mix.
    22. Describe the various elements of integrated marketing communication and explain the importance of integrated marketing communication.
    23. What is sales management? Explain its components.
    24. Discuss the emerging trends in selling.
    25. What is personal selling? Explain the stages in the process of personal selling.
    26. What is ethics in marketing? explain the unethical practices adopted by marketers
    27. Discuss the competitive strategies for market leader and market challenger.
    28. What is rural market? Discuss the features of rural markets in India. Explain the strategies for effective rural marketing.
    29. Explain the trends in digital marketing.
    30. What is Green Marketing? Explain the importance of Green Marketing.
    31. Discuss the challenges faced by marketing managers in 21st century.
    32. Explain the career option in marketing.
    33. Explain the factors responsible for success of brands in India.

My Dear Students,
The questions given in the question bank are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely on these questions. Students should also refer the other questions to get the maximum marks.

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