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Principles of Management Question Bank

1 Nature of Management
1. What is Management? State the Significance of Management.
2. Write down the Role & Skills of Management. Elaborate the different Levels of Management.
3. Discuss in detail PODSCORB.
4. Write a short note on - Managerial Grid.
5. Discuss in detail the Contribution of F.W Taylor, Henri Fayol towards the management.
6. Write a short note on -Contingency Approach.
2 Planning and Decision Making
1. What is planning? State the Importance, Elements, Process, and Limitations of Planning
2. Write a short note on - MBO.
3. What is Decision Making? State the Importance, Process, Techniques of Decision Making.
3 Organizing
1. What is organizing? State the Advantages and Limitations of organizing.
2. Discuss the Structure of Formal & Informal organisation.
3. Write a short note on- Line & Staff and Matrix.
4. What is Departmentation? State the Basis and Significance of Departmentation.
5. What is Span of Control? Explain the Graicunas Theory.
6. What are the different Factors affecting span of Control?
7. Distinguish between Centralization and Decentralization.
8. Discuss in detail the Delegation Authority & Responsibility relationship.
4 Directing, Leadership, Co-ordination and Controlling
1. What is mean by Directing? Elaborate the Process of directing.
2. Explain the meaning of Leadership. What are the different Styles of leadership?
3. State the Qualities of Good Leader.
4. Discuss in detail Co-ordination as an Essence of Management.
5. What is controlling? Discuss in detail the Process and Techniques of controlling.
6. Discuss in detail the Recent Trends in Green Management & CSR

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