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TYBMS Vth Semester

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Question Bank

Unit 1 - Overview of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Q1 Write a note on Green logistics.
Q2 Explain various functions of logistics/logistical Mix
Q3 Explain the difference between Logistics and Supply chain management
Q4 Explain the Logistical Performance cycle with suitable diagram
Q5 What is a customer service? Explain the various elements of customer service
Q6 What is 7R rule? Explain its significance in Customer Service.
Q7 What is Demand Forecasting? Explain the techniques of Demand Forecasting.
Q8 What is Bullwhip Effect? How do you minimize it?
Unit 2 - Elements of Logistics Mix
Q9 What are the main functions of Transportation?
Q10 Explain Multi modal modes of transportation with help of examples
Q11 What are the economic and service benefits of having a warehouse?
Q12 Explain the different types of warehouses with examples
Q13 What are the factors affecting the location of a warehouse?
Q14 What are the objectives of material handling?
Q15 What are the guiding principles for selection of material handling system?
Q16 What are the Logistical functions of Packaging?
Q17 What factors are to be taken into consideration before selecting material handling equipments?
Unit 3 Inventory Management, Logistics Costing, Performance Management and Logistical Network Analysis
Q18 What are the functions of inventory?
Q19 Write a short note on RORO & LASH.
Q20 What is EOQ? State the assumptions of the same and the limitations.
Q21 Distinguish Between DRP & MRP.
Q22 What is Selective Inventory Control? What are various methods adopted in Selective Inventory Control policy?
Q23 Explain what Logistical Performance Measurement is with reference to Internal & External Performance measures.
Q24 What is Activity-Based Costing?
Unit 4 Recent Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Q25 Write a short note on EDI (Electronic data Interchange)
Q26 Explain the principles of Logistics Information System.
Q27 What are the modern logistics infrastructures that could act as a boon for organization?
Q28 What is Inland container Depot (ICD’s).
Q29 Explain Global Issues & Challenges in logistics & Supply Chain Management.
Q30 Difference between Third Party Logistics & Fourth Party Logistics.

The above Question Bank is Prepared By: Asst. Professor Mushira Charfare
S.K College of Science and Commerce, Nerul

My Dear Students,
The questions given in the question bank are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely on these questions. Students should also refer the other questions to get the maximum marks.

Best of Luck for your Exams.