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Introduction to Media Psychology - Question Bank

Long Answers -15 marks
  1. Comment on the interface between media and Psychology as studied by Media Psychology with examples.
  2. Discuss the contemporary perspectives in Psychology the goals of psychology in the light of increased use and influence of Mass Media.
  3. What is perception and the Gestalt principles of perception? Comment on their application in mass media. Write a note on Visual and Depth Perception.
  4. Discuss the various cognitive and behavioural effects of media with examples.
  5. Explain Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory and the Trait theory of Personality.
  6. What do you understand by conformity and compliance? What experiments have been carried out to illustrate these phenomena?
  7. How are attitudes formed? Discuss the various theories of attitude formation.
  8. Define motivation. Explain the various theories of motivation. How can Maslow’s theory be applied to mass media?
  9. Explain in detail the Behaviourist and Cognitive theories of personality.
  10. Discuss the process of indoctrination through mass media with examples? How do Noam Chomsky’s filters apply in this context?
Short Answers 5/7/8 marks :
  1. Define learning. What are the differences between classical and operant conditioning?
  2. Which are the various branches of Psychology. Explain in brief.
  3. Discuss the various positive and negative effects of media with examples.
  4. What is role of media in formation of attitudes? How do opinion leaders use mass media to influence attitudes?
  5. Define thinking. What are the characteristics of a creative thinker?
  6. Describe the fundamental aspects of personality.
  7. What do you understand by Pro-social media effects? Explain with examples.
  8. How does learning through observation and use of mass media occur? Explain with examples.
  9. Define memory. Explain the theories of memory.
  10. Define psychology and explain its various branches.
  11. What are the characteristics of creative thinkers?
  12. What are the various stages involved in creative thinking?
  13. Discuss the various needs of the audience which motivate them for media use.
  14. Explain how can Positive Reinforcement be done?
  15. Discuss the ethical principles of research.
  16. How is experimentation method used in the field of media psychology?
  17. What is perceptual constancy?
  18. Discuss the effects of media violence.
  19. Enumerate the various research methods used in media psychology.
  20. In which ways can applied research be done in media psychology?
  21. What is correlation coefficient in media research? Illustrate with an example.
  22. How do young children get socialized through media?
  23. How do adolescents/teenagers get influenced by media? Explain with examples.
  24. Describe briefly the Priming by media with examples
  25. Explain briefly the how the resistance to persuasion occurs?
  26. Write a note on Cognitive dissonance
  27. Discuss the various types of prejudice how can they be lessened or removed?

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