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SYBMM SEM- IV Question bank

  1. What is ‘White Balance?’ Establish its relation to ‘Colour Temperature.
  2. Discuss the effect of ‘Aperture’ on ‘Depth of Field.’ What are the other factors that affect ‘Depth of Field?’
  3. What is ‘Exposure Compensation?’ Describe the occasions where it is applied.
  4. Discuss Pixel & Resolution. Establish its relation with Image magnification.
  5. Discuss on Quality of Light. Explain light modifiers.
  6. Explain the term ‘Three point lighting.’ Discuss the need for it. Describe ‘Rembrandt’, ‘Short’ ‘Low key’ & ‘Butterfly’ lighting with rough diagram.
  7. What is composition? Discuss any three rules of composition. Support your answer with diagrams.
  8. Define synchronization. Discuss all the possible uses of Slow Sync.
  9. What are the various types of Lenses? Compare any three types.
  10. Define Depth of Field. Discuss the factors that affect Depth of Field.
  11. Explain Light meter. Compare between Incident light metering & Reflective light metering. Explain the concept of Exposure compensation.
  12. Explain exposure metering in camera. Describe the need of various metering modes.
  13. Describe parameters of light.
  14. What is Motion Blur? Explain various ways to get creative motion blur.
  15. What various exposure modes are offered in a camera?
  16. Discuss the applications of slow shutter speed.
  17. What are various types of cameras? Explain working of SLR with diagram,
  18. What is exposure? What are the factors to keep in mind while deriving exposure?
  19. Compare between human eye & camera.
  20. How do shutter speed & aperture correlate?
  21. Explain Numbers on lens which read… ‘90mm/ f-1:2.8 ED / Ǿ67mm’
  22. Explain how megapixel plays a role in image size.
  23. What is a film or image sensor format? Discuss on various formats. What is half frame or crop sensor? (APS-C)
  24. Which situations suit for intentional wrong colour temperature?
  25. Suggest photographic occasions where wrong exposure is most appropriate exposure.
  1. For an ‘Exposure Value’ f-5.6 & shutter speed 1/8, (ISO 100) what will be the new combination of Aperture & Shutter for shallowest Depth of Field?’ (Lens- 150mm f-2.8) Use thumb rule to consider safe shutter speed.
  2. For an ‘Exposure Value’ f-8 & shutter speed 1/30, what will be the new combination of Aperture & Shutter for sure-shot Motion Freeze?’ (Lens- 85mm f-2) (ISO-100)
Short notes:
  1. Colour Temperature
  2. Shutter
  3. Light/ Exposure meter
  4. White balance
  5. SLR
  6. Panning
  7. Star trails
  8. Bokeh
  9. Focal length & image
  10. Special purpose lenses
  11. Image formats
  12. ISO
  13. Zoom lens
  14. Field camera movements
  15. Exposure Triangle
  16. Mirror lens

My Dear Students,
The questions given in the QUESTION BANK are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely only on these questions. Students should also refer other questions to get the maximum marks.

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