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Question Bank



1. Define information system and its types.

2. What are the characteristics/features of information system?

3. State the functions of MIS

4. What is better manual or computerized system?

5. Elaborate/ what is MIS Personnel ?

6. What is the need of DBMS and state its advantages.

7. What are components of DBMS?

8. What are three basic threats for information system? Explain any 1

9. What are the general principles to be followed for securing information system?

CHAPTER 2(Selecting & Implementing Computer System)

1. What is RFP? Explain its 3 sections.

2. What are 10 never of system selection?

3. How is vendor proposal evaluated?

4. What are the installation factors for hardware and software?

5. Why analyzing the current information need is important?

6. What do you mean by single vendor and multi-vendor contract agreements?

7. What is the purpose of establishing system requirements?

CHAPTER 3 (Proposed for revised syllabus)

1. What are the sources of reservation?

2. Write in detail about CRS? Explain its advantages.

3. What are affiliate and non-affiliate system?

4. What reports are generated by PMS reservation system?

5. What is GDS? How it is different from CRS?

6. Explain the steps of property level reservation system?


CHAPTER 4(Rooms Mgmt. & Guest Accounting Module)

1. What are the functions of Room Management module?

2. What are different types of folios created by room management and guest accounting system? Explain in brief

3. What reports are generated by guest accounting module?

4. Explain room status terms.

CHAPTER 5 PMS ((Proposed for revised syllabus)

1. What are 5 C's of interfacing?

2. Explain features of CAS

3. What are electronic locking system and explain its types

4. Explain Guest Operated Devices

5. What are Call Record Elements?


CHAPTER 6(Point Of Sale Technology)

1. How many types of terminal keys are there in POS?

2. Which printers are used in computerized POS?

3. Explain in short POS order entry units

4. Note on POS account settlements

5. What are PCI DSS standards?

6. Note on Automated Beverage Control System.

CHAPTER 7(Food & Beverage Management)

1. What are the fields included in ingredient file data?

2. What sales report are generated by F&B management sales?

3. What reports are generated by beverage control system?

4. What are chaining recipes? Give any 1 example

5. What are Stars, Plow horses, Dogs and Puzzles?

CHAPTER 8(Sales and Catering Applications)

1. Write in brief about Hotel Sales Office Automation

2. Short Note on Catering Software and Off Premises Catering.

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The questions given in the QUESTION BANK are the most important questions. The students are advised not to fully rely only on these questions. Students should also refer other questions to get the maximum marks.

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